Perretta Recordings is a company focused on Music Video Recordings. With more than 10 years of experience as a professional musician, I have the view and perspective necessary to create an artistic project. My path is to create the best content without stress and always reaching for the lowest costs, giving the chance to everybody to get a professional recording without big compromises.

Worked with

Yugen Trio

Chamber music group

Mapache Grass

Country Music Band

Meinel Brau

Beer Company

Lockere Seiten

Crossover String Cuartet

Tonko Huljev

Piano Solo

Gabriele Campagna

Violin and Piano

Judith Marie

Voice and Piano

Irene García

Ballet Dancer

Pedro García



Duo Oboe Violin

Hofer Symphoniker

German Orchestra

Musikhochschule München

German Conservatory